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To meet the rapid changes in technology, Value Added Courses are conducted by each and every department of the University as below.


Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology

   1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Program

   2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

   3. IBM-Z/OS, IBM DB2 Training, IBM-RAD,IBM-TGMC

   4. Juniper certification Program, Oracle

   5. Sun Java Certified Programmer


Mechanical Engineering 


      2.Embedded system

      3.Computerized Machine Design


Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

      1. PSPICE & MATLAB Workshops

     2.VLSI & Real time Embedded system through Exit Direct Industry Entry Enabling Cell (UEDIEE)

      3.Cellular, Nano Electronics, Optical & Microwave Communication


Instrumentation & Control Engineering

      1 .Distributed Control System & Quality Management  in Industries

      2. Virtual Instrumentation

      3. Robotics in Bio-Medical


Bio Technology

      1. Advances in Bio fuel production

      2. Recombinant DNA Technology

      3. Bioprocess Techniques


Civil Engineering

      1.Advances in Smart Materials in Civil Engineering

      2. Effect of Earthquake on Structures & Safety in Construction


Chemical Engineering

       1.Fruits and Fruit Processing Technologies


Electrical & Electronics Engineering


       2. ETAP,

       3. LABVIEW 

       4. MATLAB applications

       5. National Certified Training - by CPAT-TVS

       6. HAT (Household Appliance Troubleshooting)