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The National Service Scheme (NSS) in India was started in 1969. National service Scheme is an ideal youth programme. This is envisaged to accomplish to our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi's long cherished goal of involving the youth in national building.

With the kind Support and Cooperation of
Honorable Chancellor, Founder

Vice Chancellor

NSS CELL of Dr. M.G.R University was started on 1 October 2007. Our cell have Seven units, each unit has 100 volunteers, among that one unit is specifically for Girl's Volunteers.

About NSS
NSS is a Social Service scheme for students sponsored by the Ministry of Human resources development, Department of youth affairs & sports, Government of India for the undergraduate students.

Birth of NSS
Sept, 1969 during Gandhi Centenary year and during 4th Five Year Plan 1969-74.

Motto of NSS
"Not Me but You"

Goal of NSS
Education through community service and community service through education.

Overall Objective of NSS
Development of students personality through community service.

Specific Objectives
1) To kindle the students to social consciousness.
2) Give students the opportunity to
a) work with and among people.
b) Develop awareness and knowledge of social realities.
c) have a concern for the well being of the community particularly of the weaker section.
d) Engage themselves in creative and constructive social work.
e) To put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some social problems and in promoting welfare.
d) Gain skills in the programme of development for self involvement during leisure and
vocation period for national development.
e) Enrich personality.

Fold of NSS
All universities and their colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

NSS Volunteers
Undergraduate students Boys & Girls.

Obligation of NSS Volunteers
To work for two continuous years along with their studies putting 120 hours service each year and participating in one special camping program.

Pride of NSS Volunteers
NSS Badge and NSS Certificate which will stand volunteers in good stead in future carreer.