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At the completion of the Bachelor's Degree course in Physiotherapy the student will be able to:

(a) Acquire adequate knowledge of the basic medical subjects in the practice of physiotherapy.

(b) Develop skills and techniques of therapeutic massage and exercise for the management of various medical and surgical conditions.

(c) Development of proper attitude of compassion and concern for the individuals and welfare of the physically-challenged in the community.

(d) Demonstrate skill in teaching, management, research, guidance and counseling.

(e) Practice moral and ethical values.

At the completion of the Master's Degree course in Physiotherapy the student will be able to:

1. Acquire an in-depth knowledge of structure and function of human body related to the respective branch of specialty.

2. Acquire an in-depth knowledge of movement dysfunction of human body, cause thereof and principles underlying the use of physiotherapeutic interventions for restoring movement dysfunction towards normalcy.

3. Demonstrate ability to critically appraise recent physiotherapeutic and related medical literature from journals and adopt diagnostic and therapeutic procedures based on it.

4. Demonstrate skill in physical and functional diagnosis pertaining to patient under care.

5. Demonstrate ability to make clinical decisions and select appropriate measures based on the comprehensive knowledge of theoretical aspects of specialty.

6. Demonstrate an expertise in evidence-based skill in the management of movement dysfunction.

7. Demonstrate an expertise in health promotion and quality restoration of functional movement pertaining to specialty.

8. Planning and implementation of treatment programme adequately and appropriately for all clinical conditions related to respective specialty in acute and chronic stage, in intensive care, indoor and outdoor institutional care, independent practice, on fields of sports and community and during disaster and natural calamities.

9. Demonstrate proficiency in planning and executing physiotherapy services and teaching technology skills.

10. Demonstrate managerial and administrative skills.

11. Demonstrate the knowledge of legislation applicable to compensation for functional disability and appropriate certification.