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Call for Innovative Concept Papers

July 2016

What is a Concept Note ?

A Concept note for Research is a 500 word document that captures the interest of the reader and convinces them that the idea proposed is worthy of further consideration. 

The Concept note must describe the problem or need that needs to be addressed. Briefly, provide supporting documentation, why this question or problem is important.  Then describe what others before you have done.  Make sure you make a thorough analysis.  Next describe your project and why it is a unique approach and who will benefit.  Briefly describe your basic goals and objectives or state your research questions. Give an overview of your methodology and any innovative approaches or techniques that you plan to use.  Include timelines.  Describe the anticipated benefits and who will benefit.


Call for Concept Notes 

Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute is calling for Concept Notes for Research in the following areas:


1.Sensor Technology

2.Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

3.Big Data Analysis

4.Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


6.Building Materials/Construction Technology


8.Electricity, New and Renewable Energy

9.Information, Communication Technology (ICT)

10.Material Science

11.Social Sciences including Policy Making in Healthcare, Education and Human Resource etc.

12.Others (Specify)



Faculty and full-time Ph.D. students of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute.  Individual write ups must be submitted.


How to apply ?

The Applications open on 25th July 2016

Concept notes must be submitted before 31st july 2016. 

For online Application [ Click Here ]

What support do you get ?

 During the literature survey, you can contact the Resource Persons given below to get full-length papers and for discussions to develop your idea.  The pre-grant will help you to pilot studies to find out if your idea is practically workable.  You may modify your project at this time.  You can also choose to develop an inter-disciplinary project. 

After 3 months, all the projects will be reviewed for progress and the University will project your research project for Collaborations with National and International Universities and Industry Consultancy. 

Resource Persons

Professor P.T. Manoharan   

Mail id :

Professor RamaVaidyanathan      

Mail id :