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International Women's Day


Dr.M.G.R Educational and Research Institute


“Women are real Architects of society” on occasion of women’s day-Dr.M.G.R Educational & Research Institute University, has celebrated the international women’s day in Record Breaking  manner .

Founder Chancellor Thiru . A.C.Shanmugam inaugurated the function & President Er.A.C.S.Arunkumar presided it as a Record break, 4003 women of the university registered & took part by forming a large scale of picture symbolizing an India map along with an women symbol showing the power of women.

The main highlight of the event was the presence of our omnipotent queens - trustee members.

As a very famous quote saying-“Behind every successful men, there is a women “it was a perfect proverb fitted them, which showed the success of our chancellor & president. It was a visual treat seeing them along with their partners. This shows the strength of a woman to their family.

Our trustee members joined the India map along with the staff & students by ending the formation and record. Mr.Vivek Raja from India & Asia book of records, officially announced that Dr.M.G.R Educational and Research Institute has entered into India & Asia book of records.

With this, the provisional certificate was been honored to our trustee members- Mrs.Lalitha Lakshimi & Mrs.Nirmala Arunkumar, on behalf of all the women’s of our university.


1. Dr.T.Felixkala, Additional Dean E&T and Dr.Abitha, Assistant Professor of philosophy, quoted a speech about the importance of women’s day.

2. Dr.Krithika, vice Principal of our Thai Moogambigai Dental college & hospital-pledge a oath stating.

  • To uphold our self-respect, dignity and integrity in personal and professional lives.

  • To have the courage and the will to strive for gender equality always.

  • To remain committed to girl’s education and women’s empowerment.

  • To make sustained efforts to improve the physical and mental health of all women.

  • To work positively towards the welfare of our society, state and country.

3. Our founder chancellor gave a speech stating- A man, who is taking care of his wife- without shading a drop of tear is the best gift that man gives to a woman he added.

4. Dr.Jayanthi,  Prof of Architecture proposed the summary of India and Asia book of Record.   

5. Finally Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs S.Geetha Additional Head Dept of computer science and ended up with National Anthem.

6. The event was hosted by Ms.Jayam and Ms. Keerthana.N Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Application.


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