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Completed Thesis

Name Completed Thesis Topic
A.G.Srinivasan Ph.D. Anna University, Chennai A study on Perron Frobenious operators in certain classes of stochastic point processes
T.Johnson Ph.D. IIT Madras, Chennai Some new fuzzy data analysis model and their applications
A.Iyem Perumal Ph.D. Dr.M.G.R.Educational and Research Institute, University, Chennai Combinatorial optimization by parallel, Adaptive and Quantum simulated Annealing            


Ongoing research towards Ph.D.

S.No. Name of the candidate Tentative topic  Remarks
1 L.V.Nandhakishore (Guide R.Natarajan) Applied stochastic processes  Submitted Synopsis 
2 V.Srinivasan (Guide Dr.A.Iyemperumal) Time Series & Fore Casting Registered in 2009
3 P.Ezhilarasi (Guide Dr.A.Iyemperumal) Non-linear regression optimization Registered in 2009
4 S.Dhevarajan (Guide Dr.A.Iyemperumal) Bio-informatics Registered in 2010
5 S.Koppurndevi (Guide Dr.A.Iyemperumal) Hybrid Systems Neural networks  Registered in 2010