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Research Works & Innovation

The Department of Mathematics is the oldest department of the University. It comes under the faculty of Humanities & Science. The innovative activities of the department:

The department has started an innovative two year program on M.Sc. (Industrial Mathematics), the only programme of its kind offered in the country. This program is an unique program started with compliance of M.Tech (Industrial Mathematics) of IIT Madras. This program was initiated and organized by Prof.Dr.P.Achuthan, Advisor (Formerly Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, IITM) with the then director Prof.V.Srinivasa Gopalan and Vice-Chancellor Prof. R.M. Vasagam. This course had a board of studies with members (i) Prof. Sundar, IIT Madras, (ii) Dr.Singaravelu, (Former Head, Department of Mathematics, Bharthidhasan University), (iii) Prof. Vetrivel , IIT Madras, (iv) Mr. Raja, Sundram Cylton limited, (v) Prof.Sattanathan, DG Vaishnava College (Head department of Mathematics), Chennai and others.

The courses offered by the department are unique in its own way. All the courses (probably except I year) were designed to cater to the requirements of the various departments. For example, Numerical methods for Mechanical Engineers, Mathematical foundations for computer science, Applied Mathematics for Electronics Engineers, Special functions for Chemical engineers, Quantitative methods for Managers etc.

The department has done several level bridge courses (like for I year Mathematics, for biology students) based on the demand and requirement. The department has conducted remedial classes too.

Extensive consultancy work is done for several departments like Chemical technology, System simulation modelling, Signals & Systems, Bio –Statistics etc.

It is one of the departments that is pursing in the direction of research. 20 % of the staff are Ph.D. holders (From Anna University, IIT, Dr.M.G.R.University), 25% are pursing their Ph.D. 25% will be registering for Ph.D. in the next academic year positively.