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Present Scenario

  • The EETA has now been revived with the objective to enhance both the technical as well as the non technical skill of each individual and also to provide them practical knowledge about the industries.

  • For the inauguration of the same we have planned for a symposium named NEXUS’09 on 18th-19th September.

  • In future we have a lineup of Workshops, Seminars, and Industrial Visits & Guest Lectures for the students and faculty of EEE Department.


The Association and executives are the siblings of democracy. They are means to voice the views of a group, to constructively work for the benefit of the group and to build better tomorrows. An association for EEE was started about a decade ago in 1993 with the same broad guidelines in mind. In 2001 it was named EETA (Electrical and Electronics Technical Association) to aptly express the idea of the group, to let fresh thinking in and to benefit from the experienced pioneers in field; it organizes guest lectures, workshops by people from industries and other technical institutes. It has conducted many events from 2003 to 2006.


Training Program for foreign delegates


International Seminars

  • Dr. Jun Wang, Professor, Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, December 2015

  • Dr. Barry Brooks, IET president, March 2014

  • Dr. Simon Harrison, Director of Power at Global Engineering, London, April 2013

  • Dr. Christopher James, Professor of Healthcare Technologies, October 2012

  • Dr. Vishwas Lakundi, Senior Research Engineer, Patavina Technologies, Italy, June 2011


  • Nexus‘16, 15.09.2016 & 16.09.2016, Mr. R.Jayavel, Research Director,  Anna University

  • Nexus'15, 11.09.2015 & 12.09.2015, Mr. Sridhar Thiagarajan, Vice President,  ABB India Limited

  • Nexus‘14, 04.09.2014 & 05.09.2014, Dr. Krishnakumar, Scientist, DRDO

  • Nexus'13, 23.09.2013 & 24.09.2013, Er. V. Parthasarathy, Managing Director, M\s Wave Current Precision Parts Limited.


  • On 26.04.2016 & 27.04.2016, CROSSROADS, National Conference, Dr.Ganesan, Registrar, Anna University.

  • On 27.04.2015 & 28.04.2015, Renewable Energy, Applications and Prototypes, Er.Prakash, Assistant Director, HLDC, Bangalore , Dr.N.Kumarappan, Chairman, IEEE -CIS

  • On 05.10.2012 & 06.10.2012, Power Quality and Energy Audit, Dr. Gopalakrishnan, CSIR

  • On 22.09.2012, IET YPS Annual Conference, Prof. Clement, HOD, English, Saveetha  Univesity, Chennai.

  • On 20.07.2011 &  22.07.2011, International Conference, SEISCON, Dr.H.B.GOOI, Nanyang  University,  Dr.S.Winberg,   Capetown University, Dr.NthoNtho,   Capetown University, Dr.Gomathy Nayagam, ED, CWET, MNRE Dr.Subir Kumar Sirkar, Jadhavpur  University, Dr.Pinaki Mitra, Associate Scientist,  Er.Gopichand Bopparaju, Manager, Grid Systems