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VISION: Ours is a journey and not a destination

This department was originally created to be a service department to Engineering courses in Dr. M.G.R. Engineering College. But ever since the upgradation of the status to Deemed University, the department has expanded to its true potential to run even P.G course in polymer chemistry. Collaborative research programmes can be undertaken, which will help in registering patents of commercial value. This would enable the department to be self-sustaining. In near future we hope that the department would be ranked one among the best in India.

MISSION: We aim above the mark to hit the mark

In the present academic scenario, we can clearly perceive a polarization towards professional courses. Talented youth are veering away from basic sciences in search of lucrative professional education. Every educationist will realize that this trend would result in a lopsided growth and has to be corrected. The rejuvenation of interest in basic sciences can be kindled only by framing imaginative courses having a judicious mixture of basic sciences and professional education. Thus instead having courses purely in general chemistry, it is intended to make it truly applied by including a heavy exposure to industry-based chemistry. This in turn enhances the employability of the students and thus may lure back talent to its fold.