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Funded Projects

Dept of BioTechnology funded projects details

Name of the Faculty

Project Title

Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan &

Dr. C. Kamatchi

Mechanism of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, Funded by CSIR, Grant awarded 27.5 Lakhs,    Period (2009-2012).

Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan  &

Dr. K. G. Purushotham

Validation and screening for the identification of Inhibitors of Carbapenamase from Microbial  Biodiversity, 33.16 lakhs, Department of Biotechnology (DBT),  New Delhi, India (2013-2015).

Dr. N. Sudhakar

 To Investigate the Toll-like receptor signaling in breast cancer, Grant 24 lakhs funded by Science and Engineering Research Board  under Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists (Period: 2012-2015).

Dr. Reena Das

Microbial transformation of Colchicines and thiocolchine by selected Bacterial strains,  Grant 19 lakhs by Department of Science and Technology - Science and Engineering Research Board (Period: 2015-2018).

Dr. N. Sudhakar

Development  of a diagnostic kit for early detection of  HPV infection in Cervical cancer; 20 Lakhs, Funded by Department of  Science & Technology (Period 2017-2020)

Post Doctoral Fellow award by SERB, Govt of India

To conduct research on Isolation, Identification and  Characterization of an antigastric cancer compound from Mangrove plant species Ceriops decandra funded by SERB  N-PDF scheme (Grant: 19.2 Lakhs)