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The various workshops on LSRW conducted from 2006 to 2008  initiated the the pro-chancelor Er. A.C.S. Arun Kumar  to start a non-Technical club For the students By the students and Of the students. This brainchild of pro-Chancelor was greatly supported by  Dr. Padmanaban, former Vice Chancellor and Dr. P. T. Manoharan, Academic advisor of the University.Dr.S.Padamasani Kannan was nominated to be the mentor of this club.

The Objective of the Literary Seminary is

  • To create an awareness regarding the importance of English as a communication language.

  • To give Prime importance to four skills of English(LSRW).

  • To nurture all kinds of literary activities which in a way helps in developing the all round skills of  a student

A three tier approach for fine tuning the students in sharpening the innate talents was planned.

  • Tier 1 – Seminars: A training module

  • Tier 2 – Workshops: A mini application tool

  • Tier 3 – Literary Fests: A large scaled application of all round skills by the students

Based on these plans two events are conducted every year that comprises International conferences, National level seminars, workshops and student events . The events are

  • Litfest

  • Glittecrazzy

Along with these the other verticals of the club are

  • Theatre club

  • Debate club

  • Out -Reach Program

  • English For All (EFA)

  • Business English Certificate (BEC)

  • Business Language and Testing Services

  • Sirji Comics

The methodology effectively addresses qualities like leadership, smart and robust communication skills, creativity, team spirit and above all English as a language

The pedagogy of teaching needs a lot of changes. The theoretical knowledge gained by the students is to be enhanced by the workshops, seminars and conferences. The Literary Seminary in the past nine years has conducted 13 workshops, 6 conferences and 6 seminars. Most of our students have participated in them and have gained an on-hand experience. The student members of the Literary Seminary have been the originators and planners of these workshops and most of them have reached the heights of the ladder and have become employable and also successful entrepreneurs.

The inspirational activities of the student members have taken the university to become the brand in other states like Karnataka, Kerala, U.P. Assam, New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The second phase of the Literary Seminary is devoted to research activities. The convener has organised three conferences on literature inviting papers from the whole country and also conducting a workshop in the state level. Publications are brought out both as hard copies and soft copies.

Four research scholars are working in the research wing and one has already finished the doctorate.

This research wing has made use of the enthusiastic spirit of the student members in some extension services. The project undertaken is called - 'The Outreach Programme - learning is “Fun-tastic” extended to one full month. This has resulted in making an MoU with Children's Home of Hope, Maduravoyal.

The third phase is the important one of having getting linked with professional societies - British Council and Cambridge English language Assessment. A separate folder is attached for verification.



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