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Alumni Holding Higher Position in India and Abroad

Though the mission of our university is "Our Students are to be JOB CREATORS AND NOT JOB SEEKERS we also encourage our students to be leaders who make a difference in the world. Every day more than 45,000 of our graduates strive to make these words a reality in a wide array of organizations that affect the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

Since 1988, as Engineering College and later as Deemed university, our university has produced highly talented, disciplined and knowledgeable technocrats cum administrative to lead the industry houses across the world.

Throughout their careers, these distinguished graduates have contributed significantly to their companies and communities while upholding the highest standards and values in everything they do. As such, they represent the best of our alumni -  exemplary role models, they inspire all who aspire to have an impact on both business and society.







Following is the list of alumni holding higher position in various organizations

  CSE [ + ]
  CIVIL [ + ]
  ECE [ + ]
  EEE [ + ]
  MECH [ + ]
  IBT [ + ]
  MBA [ + ]